Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Not two weeks ago I was working for a web development company as a designer and illustrator. That lasted over a year, but now its over. I won't miss it.

Now I have lots of free time on my hands, and that leaves no excuse for me not to promote my work in some little way. So here it is; my minimal effort. This is my organ meat. Whatever falls out of the carcass.
Try to enjoy it.

Here's some tips from Calvin W. Schwabe.

In contrast to many types of muscle meat, which are improved in tenderness and taste by aging, the visceral organs used for food should be bought as fresh as possible. Hearts are almost all muscle meat with slightly more protein than T-bone steaks and very little connective tissue or fat (one tenth that of steak) or other waste. They are also a good source of B vitimins. As very active muscles, however, they do tend to toughness in older animals and are often marinated before cooking to make the meat more tender, Hearts are conveniently made for stuffing and invite a creative cook to experiment.

Hearts are a particularly good and inexpensive barbecue fare, and I've never met a person who didn't like them this way.

Cut a heart into approximatly 1-in. cubes. Marinate the heart overnight in the following mixture: 1/4 C ground chili peppers, 1/2 C finely chopped chili peppers, 1/2 t ground cumin seed, 1/2 t anatto, 1 t salt, and 1/2 t black pepper, with enough vinegar to cover the meat. Skewer the meat and broil over charcoal, basting frequently with a mixture of more ground chili
peppers fried in a generous amount of oil and some of the marinade.

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