Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hard Life


kevinbrinick27734959 said...

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poetzscher said...

in response to kevinbrinkick27734959...
man, you got me, i DO want a real college degree. the one i have, it just doesnt feel real enough. in fact, i'm pretty sure that it was all just a scam from the begining. i shoulda known. hell, i did know, but, i just wanted to believe. i just wanted to believe it SO bad. that i could have a better future.
i'm gonna call.
fuck it, i'm gonna call... tomorrow. yeah. tomorrow i'm gonna call.
how did you find me man. its like... some kind of cosmic, fate, or some shit.
thanks man. this is really giving me hope.

chenchas said...
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snakeleatherjacket said...
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