Sunday, July 24, 2005

Jus' wanna lick ya all over...

This big slobber-bomb is like a tongue and an intestine in one. He wallows around licking everything he touches and absorbing the stuff he likes most. Needless to say, he crawls across some stuff that would positively disagree with the pallets of most folk. But dude takes his licks as they come. I guess when you're a giant gustatory organ you have to just learn to savor it all; cus there's no cook to complain to.


snottlebocket said...

hey, i came across a link to your blog on suicidegirls and i have to say your stuff is amazing.
i've been doing vector illustration for work for quite some time now, nothing wrong with that but it does have this tight recognizeable vectorstyle.

as such i've been trying to learn a softer colouring technique, much like yours actually but i can't quite get the hang of it.
do you pencil your work and then colour it in photoshop or is this done entirely on paper with something like watercolours?

(i'm not sure if you can reply or see my email addy or anything like that so my email address is if you care to reply)

anyway i love the work and i bookmarked you so i'll be dropping in occasionally from now on ^^

poetzscher said...

hi snottlebocket,

almost everything i do these days is pencil or ink colored in photoshop. a wacom tablet comes in handy for the coloring. try experimenting with texture brushes or else everything you color will look like 80's airbrush art.

marvelousd said...

Truly awesome! I think I ran into one of those in the alley licking my shoe near Lawrence and Broadway.

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